Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper. – Jer 29:7

Once agsin I came into the meeting with my tyranny of time guide – see below – and once again things happen more or less in line but the times were waaaay out. Im too goal oriented and God is FAR more interested in what is happening BETWEEN PEOPLE than keeping to any schedule.

Let me say again, my understanding of this guide is changing, its most useful when it is used to

1. remind me of what the Holy Spirit said to do… for example open the meeting with an audio of 25 mins of prophetic words over Cape Town… and break it into 5 min chunks so we can talk about what is standing out to us individually
2. remind all who want to read or who listen what we are about, what our values are, what we expect to happen… keeping the main thing the main thing… not getting distracted by new ideas and fads
3. to record and keep alive any prophetic words or visions that God gives us… to keep believing them in order to receive them.

So my thinking is shifting… the guideline is not about time, its about keeping a “shape” and keeping identity and keeping the main thing the main thing.

Once again we went waaaaaay over time… 2am this time. And whereas last week 3 people were almost asleep, this week no one was was even sitting down when we ended!  🙂

Last week they dozed during worship. This week the worship music was background and we prayed at the same time. Then one of us felt led to do foot washing. We prayed for certain people. Lots of words of encouragement.

I dont mean to trivialise this… but I can see how servant leadership really works so well to lift other people up.

We are doing VERY LITTLE intercession. And we have not yet done any repentance.

But we are gaining identity and forming strong  horizontal connections. God is speaking through people and saying that we need to be praying during the week for one another so thst we dont start on friday from a zero base.

We had two financial miracles during this week… we prayed for those two people last week. We also had our first spontaneous healing of a hamstring, a lady had severe pain and she forgot her painkillers… and was healed as she sat there.

When I showed a clip of Jesus Christs resurrection and the revival of Pentecost, thst same lady was WOWed when she saw the holes in His hands. She had revelation and the story became real for her in that moment. Its anazing to watch people grow!

At times Gods Presence was really there in a big way, simply in response to our faith.

David Wagners prophetic words about Cape Town totally blew peoples hair back. Its our destiny to bring these words to fulfillment in this city.

The video clip about the Two Moravian Missionaries seemed to have a VERY powerful impact. The way they totally sold out.

I try to let God choose the clips. I edit and chop the good bits out as I feel led.

Each week I ask people what they enjoyed the most. Being male I loved the healing and visions and prayer… but interestingly… one of the new ladies said the thing which MOST stood out for her was the sharing and the community, another new lady said she doesnt usually talk but she felt safe and she could talk and share… this tells me we are loving one another!

I keep emphasizing to the group that IF we love His people THEN He will send more of His people. Thats the deal. We must love one another. And keep the main thing the main thing… God… Jesus Christ… the Holy Spirit… God our Father.

Eating together is very social. I make a soup… very thick… a slow cooker, cabbage, pumpkin, bacon, carrots, potatoes… let it slow cook for a day. Serve with rolls. Have lots of cooldrink.. we went through 6L for 7 people. But we were there from 7pm to 2am… 7 hours.

We had 7 people. I had a feeling we would not have growth this week, but I have a feeling we will grow next week. I feel the people were hand picked by God.

It is SO WONDERFUL to watch people blossom… to see empty people become filled not just with God through prayer, but filled with hope because people are sharing and people are listening when they share. Its so important to value people. To hear their story. To recognise them. To wait for them. To be respectful.

But also to set boundaries. Public prayer cant go on and on and on leaving everyone else to wait and wait. Thats inconsiderate.

The victory of my tyranny of time is almost complete. I see that what is happening between people is very important. And not just between people… people are bringing each other to God… just like those friends lowered the man through the roof to Jesus Christ. Do you know what?? I just got that. I get it now!  🙂

I was honest with people and told them that I had a tough week and I really needed their prayers.


Revival Meeting
31 May 2013, Friday
Evening guide
7:00 Open with David Wagner 16th Feb prophecy for Cape Town “God is making you a Holy Habitation region” + chat about it – God said to open with this
7:30 Opening dedication prayer by me + thank Dave for having us + what we are about

Visitation on 21st May, Tuesday
*  We are here to bring revival… to change our lives and our city. We do this through our focus on prayer (intercession) and not by focussing on revival. Revival is a result of our prayers.
*  Everyone to strengthen one another, in particular the newest ones, build them up, horizontal connections between us. stand firm together… Dave and I needed your prayers this last week
*  To gather around and welcome new people and to actively explain our strategies to them. New people must not change our course by bringing new ideas. God has set our course: intercession to break through.
*  Our meetings start with the same explanation each week. Who we are. Why we are here. What God has in store. Its repetitive but its necessary to manage growth.
*  The bible says for everyone to bring something. (Not necessarily food or cooldrink.) Prophetic words or encouragement or sharing is welcome.
*  If we all take care of His people, horizontal connections, He will send more people.

Prophetic words about us
*  Juanitas vision: A circle of fire (the Holy Spirit) going out from here… we must believe in order to receive

8:00 supper + intros from everyone… 2 minutes each maximum pls… the purpose of this is to make newcomers feel welcome… We prayed for some ppl last week… has anyone experienced some results of the prayer?
8:30 Short movies + chat + individual prayer time + corporate repentance + time of worship, 53 mins of music


Comments on: "Third meeting on 31 May 2013" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Seems like you had a God fun time , it always encouraging to see people in fellowship with one another ..

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