Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper. – Jer 29:7

I think it is good to create a guideline for the evening. In it I can record the things that the Holy Spirit has told me to do. I can remember to tell people the key messages – that people need to be loved, for example – and I can keep the main thing the main thing.

But as before, my tyranny of time got totally blown out. By 7:15 we were meant to be watching video clips aimed at inspiring us to understand revival and intercession… instead people chatted and prayed and we only got to that by 8:20!  🙂  And it was so good. Im having to let go and be ok with this.

But the bonding is so important. God wants a place where He can send His people and they will be loved and healed and strengthened. If we all will love the new people, He will send more of His people to us. THAT is the key to growth. I feel that time and time and time again.

We stayed until 1:30am!

Below you will see that I told them about the visitation that I had during the week. During that time several things were impressed into me.

We didnt get around to repentance on any of the nights so far. I always make a point of honoring David for letting us use his house.

I felt to open the evening with a eedication prayer and do it ON MY KNEES. Well… I did it… but struggled to do that on my knees on public. But I did it. And as I prayed I saw Gods power and Presence in the room.

God brought His people. We had 9 people. One of whom is very prophetic and it was amazing to see God in action. God affirmed my role as leader and that was reassuring. And I think it was good for others to see God confirming what is happening.

We had a vision of fire spreading through the group and then beyond the group and more people coming. I keep reminding everyone of Heb 4:2 that we must not just hear but we must believe and then it will happen.

I keep a record of key things people say, as they say it. Not everything, but words and visions etc. I think this is useful and I think it helps people to know their words are valued.

We prayed for two people to have financial miracles and both of them did get them in the next week.


Revival Meeting
24 May 2013, Friday
Evening guide
7:00 opening dedication prayer by me, intros, corporate prayer for the evening
7:15 movies… revival in arctic 4 mins, revival in lewis 10 mins, rees howells 3 min, then chat and sharing
8:00 supper + share what God told me on tues night + chat and sharing

* Everyone to strengthen one another, in particular the newest ones, build them up, horizontal connections between us. stand firm together.
* To focus on intercession and not revival. Revival is a fruit.
* To gather around and welcome new people and to actively explain our strategies to them. New people must not change our course by bringing new ideas. God has set our course. intercession to break through.
* Our meetings start with the same explanation each week. Who we are. Why we are here. What God has in store. Its repetitive but its necessary to manage growth.
* The bible says for everyone to bring something. (Not necessarily food.) Prophetic words or encouragement or sharing is welcome.

corporate repentance
identify individual needs
time of worship, 53 mins of music
breaking into extended  intercession time
prophetic words welcome
hand out scriptures
be led by the Holy Spirit in this time


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