Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper. – Jer 29:7

The word “CHOOSE” stood out to me this morning. You have to choose. Do you believe the words of scripture about Jesus Christ – and receive, or not? Who has Lordship over this country, over your country – wherever you live?

The ANC (South Africa’s legally elected leadership) is planning to hand over the country to the demonic on Sunday at 5pm by sacrificing a cow to the ancestors.

A religious row has erupted on the eve of the ANC’s centenary celebrations over the party’s plans to slaughter a cow and commune with the ancestors this weekend.

African Christian Democratic Party leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe has turned down his invitation as an opposition party leader to attend the festivities in the belief that invoking the spirits of dead leaders will have “devastating consequences for the country”. – ANC, ACDP lock horns over slaughtering

Devastating consequences? The word “catastrophe” comes to mind over and over again.

If we Christians do nothing, then the country will have been placed into the hands of satan by the legally elected leadership. So what can we do?

Instead he planned to join other Christian groups outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria today for a 5pm prayer and worship ceremony to “dedicate South Africa to the living God, Jesus Christ”. – ANC, ACDP lock horns over slaughtering

The bible says that ALL POWER has been given to Jesus Christ. If we Christians believe that, then the ANC has nothing to hand to satan. The bible says that Jesus Christ has destroyed the works of the devil… if we Christians believe that, then no matter what the ANC does on sunday, it has already been destroyed by Jesus Christ on the cross.

But if we fail to add out faith to the message that we have heard about Jesus Christ, then we do not receive… and the ANC will have handed this beautiful country over to satan’s demons.


Comments on: "Choose for South Africa: Jesus Christ or satan?" (2)

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  2. AMEN! nothing but our faith will change it! Christ had already received all the power, honor and Glory! and He won this battle! So we, as disciples and also son’s of God, MUST believe that this battle is won by Christ on the cross, definitely!

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